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Areas of Concentration

Zito Wealth Strategies, Inc. is an integrated firm addressing all aspects of a person’s financial life. We work with high net worth individuals and couples and many times for multi-generations.

We have chosen to specialize in the following areas of financial advising:

1031 Tax-Free Exchanges

By working together we can find like-kind, qualified properties for the Tax-Free Exchange.  This has the potential of increasing our clients tax-advantaged cash flow and decreasing the day-to-day property management or landlord responsibilities.

Estate Distribution/Families of Loved Ones with Special Needs

We make sure estate planning, insurance, tax and benefit planning are provided to our families and their loved ones with special needs. We also design and employ strategies to provide lifetime income to children with special needs.

If you or someone you care about expects to be Successor Trustee, Power of Attorney, or administrator of another person’s will, we have specific training and experience to help you complete this very important work. Most people do not have experience distributing someone’s assets. As such, it can be very difficult, confusing and a bit overwhelming. We are here to help. 

Retirement Income Planning

Many of our clients have retired over the last 5 years. We design specific retirement income plans for each client. We believe in pensionizing IRAs. We want to do everything in our power to avoid having clients run out of money later in life. We also want to maximize income, reduce taxation wherever possible and help grow retirement funds, while our retired clients are taking distributions.