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Our Process

We have developed a 5-Step planning process to ensure we address every aspect of a client's financial life. Coordination of investments, lifetime retirement income needs, insurance, tax and estate planning as well as business succession planning for business owners requires an integrated approach.

Below are the steps:

STEP 1 - Needs

Closely discovering and documenting a client's specific needs, obligations and preferences. We know these can change over time, so the plan must be flexible to account for any changes.

STEP 2 - Resources

Organizing and mapping a client's financial resources. These would be income streams, investment accounts and assets held, real estate and housing, as well as trust funding, titling and beneficiary designations on investments, insurance policies and outside accounts.

STEP 3 - Tools

Reviewing tools of the trade. The financial marketplace is rapidly and constantly changing. New investment vehicles, insurance plans, estate planning regulations and gifting rules are the tools we can employ to help you meet our client's financial needs and obligations.

STEP 4 - Strategies

Designing tailored strategies to help client's meet their financial needs and the needs of their family most effectively and efficiently and with peace of mind along the way.

STEP 5 - Solutions

Delivering customized solutions to help meet our client's needs, goals and responsibilities.